Arch. Emir Salkic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Architect from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and co-founder and co-owner of the architectural bureau "Normal arhitektura" since 2002.

He studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo and ETSAB in Barcelona. Recognizable for its innovative and ambitious approach in its projects, it runs away from current conventions in architecture and design. He often harmonizes projects for sustainable design using nature and not speaking against it. Among the significant projects are the Parents' House and the Music Farm in Sarajevo, the MODUL factory in Sanski Most and the Flying Carpet.

In addition to active architectural practice, until 2010, he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, a guest lecturer at ETSAB in Barcelona, IUS in Sarajevo and VAI in Austria. He also conducts research in the field of computer intelligent design, 3D printing and furniture design.